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RSCT Resource Monitoring and Control Guide and Reference

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Книги по AIX 5L версии 5.1
Руководства по управлению системой
RSCT Resource Monitoring and Control Guide and Reference
About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
How to Use This Book
ISO 9000
32-Bit and 64-Bit Support for the UNIX98 Specification
Related Publications
Overview of RSCT Resource Monitoring and Control
Monitoring Concepts
Using the Monitoring Application
Planning What to Monitor in Your System
Planning How to Respond to Detected Conditions
Getting Started with the Monitoring Application
Tracking Monitoring Activity
Using the Audit Log to Track Monitoring Activity
Writing Your Own Scripts
Using Expressions
Components Provided for Monitoring
Resource Monitoring and Control Subsystem
Resource Managers
Audit Log Resource Manager
Event Response Resource Manager
File System Resource Manager
Host Resource Manager
Predefined Responses
Predefined Commands, Scripts, Utilities, and Files
Diagnostic Information
Resource Manager Diagnostic Files
Recovering from RMC and Resource Manager Problems
Appendix A. RSCT Messages
General Information About RSCT Messages
2610 - Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC) Messages
2612 - RMC Commands Messages
2619 - Cluster Technology Command Utilities Messages
2634 - HostRM Messages
2636 - Event Response Messages
2637 - File System RM Messages
2639 - AuditLog Resource Manager Messages
2641 - RM Utilities Messages
2645 - RM Framework Messages
Appendix B. Installation and Configuration
RSCT Resource Monitoring and Control Files
Appendix C. Notices