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Commands Reference, Volume 1

adecopyright command


Generates a comprehensive copyright file for a bff (backup format file) image from a set of user provided copyright keywords.


adecopyright -f Copyright_Master_Keyword_File -l LPP_Name -t CompIDs.Table File...


The adecopyright command accepts a list of one or more input copyright keyword files and displays a comprehensive expanded copyright file to STDOUT. adecopyright uses a Copyright_Master_Keyword_File to do the keyword expansion and the CompIDs.Table file to determine the productID for the copyright file.


-f Copyright_Master_Keyword_File Specifies the full path location of the copyright master keyword file.
-l LPP_Name Specifies the lpp_name (BFF).
-t CompIDs.Table Specifies the full (or relative) path location of theCompIDs.Table file.
File Specifies the full path of the option key file(s) for substitution.

Input Files

copyright.map The copyright master keyword file is required and will include a master list of valid keywords with substitution text. The format of this file is:

<prologue - contains standard prologue and comments.>
<header - contains header entry lines.>
<keys - contains valid keys with substitution data.>
<footer - contains footer entry lines.>
compids.table The compids.table file is required; it includes vendor_id(s) and component/option information. The format of this file is:

Contains standard prologue and comments.

** lines
Contains information concerning maintenance of this file.

%%_ lines
Contains vendor identification string and vendor id.

option entries
Contains the information required for packaging and distribution of each option. The required format is:

package name:component id:feature code:component release level: system release level:change team id(s):CMVC release:vendor_id: iFOR/LS_product_id:iFOR/LS_product_version:


bos.adt:575603001:5005:410:410:TX2527:XXX: IBM:1234567:12345678901:

option.cr The option key file(s) are required and will include the copyright keys which will be substituted for copyright statements from the master file and placed in the output copyright file.

Sample format of this file:


Output Files

copyright The copyright file is written to STDOUT and contains a comprehensive text expansion of copyright data for all of the option key files. This file should be archived first into liblpp.a for the package.


To generate a comprehensive expanded copyright file (copyright) from the option key file (*.cr) and displays it to STDOUT, type:

adecopyright -f /project/aix4/build/latest/ode_tools/power/usr/lib/copyright.map \
-l bos.adt -t /project/aix4/build/latest/ode_tools/power/usr/lib/compids.table \

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