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Commands Reference, Volume 1

adfutil Command


Provides the capability to merge Micro Channel information for PS/2 adapters with the AIX Version 3 Configuration Database.


adfutil-d Device | -f File ] [  -a AdapterName -c PS/2CardID ] [  -m FileName ... ] [  -q ]


The adfutil command provides the capability to field merge Micro Channel resource information for existing PS/2 adapters with predefined information in the Version 3 Configuration database. This is accomplished by processing information found on DOS formatted diskettes provided with the PS/2 adapter hardware. Included on these diskettes are adapter description files that are ASCII representations of adapter hardware attributes.

The naming convention for an adapter description file found on the DOS formatted diskette is @XXXX.ADF where XXXX is the PS/2CardID. If the command is invoked without arguments, the search centers around the home directory of the default device. If no files are found in the form of @XXXX.ADF, an error message is sent to standard output and the adfutil command ends. If a single adapter description file is found, execution is continued on that file. If multiple adapter description files are found, an error message is written to standard output and processing ends. If the -c flag is specified, a string is built that represents the corresponding DOS file name representation of the desired adapter description file. If this file does not exist on the specified device and path name or default, an error message is sent to standard output and processing ends.

When the adapter description file is found, the contents are written in the /tmp/adfnnn file where nnn is the current process ID. This ID is removed after successful completion of the command.

Microcode files can be loaded independently of any adapter description file processing, and without disturbing the adapters database representation. Use the -m flag to load microcode files into the /usr/lib/microcode directory.

Attention: Micro Channel adapters require bus attribute processing beyond what is supported by the bus configuration program, and should not be added to the system due to the possibility of adversely effecting the configuration of other devices on the system.


-a AdapterName Searches the ODM database for candid information to form correct DOS filename for the adapter description file. The AdapterName parameter is a valid device name.
-c PS/2CardID Identifies the PS/2CardID for the adapter. The card identifier is a four character alpha-numeric string that is found in the root of the DOS filename of the adapter description file. There is no default.
-d Device Identifies the Device where the adapter description file resides. The default is /dev/fd0.
-f File Identifies the file system path name for source adapter description file. If the -f flag is specified, any microcode keyword found in the adapter description file must specify a file system path name of the microcode source file.
-m FileName Loads only microcode files found on diskette. If the FileName parameter is specified, files are loaded into the /usr/lib/microcode file. This is a microcode only flag.
-q Toggles off the message to insert the adapter description file diskette.


  1. To search the diskette drive /dev/fd0 in the home directory for an adapter description file, enter:

  2. To read /home/owner/adf.file as an adapter description file, enter:
    adfutil -f /home/owner/adf.file
  3. To search the default device /dev/fd0 for the adapter description file labeled @0FFE.ADF without interrupting execution for the insert diskette prompt, enter:
    adfutil -c 0FFE -q
  4. To load adapter microcode without processing adapter description file information, enter:
    adfutil -m FileName

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