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Commands Reference, Volume 1

autoconf6 Command


Automatically configures IPv6 network interfaces at boot time.


autoconf6 [ -a ] [ -i] [ -s] [ -6] [ -M] [ -O] [ -R] [ -c] [ -v] [ -m main_interface] [interface_name ...]


The autoconf6 command is used at boot time to assign link-local addresses to ND-capable network interfaces. The autoconf6 command initializes also the loopback interface, the automatic tunnels if needed, and adds some needed routes. It can also be used at any time to set link-local addresses and automatic tunnelling on newly configured ethernet-like interfaces.


-a Configures and turns up all the acceptable interfaces.
-i Configures and turns up the interfaces in the argument list. Without the -a and -i flags only the interfaces already up are configured.
-m main_interface Specifies the main interface. You can also use the no command with the argument, main_if6.
-s Installs the SIT interfaces and IPv4-compatible programs. Without this flag, the SIT interfaces are configured only if an SIT interface is already up.
-6  The SIT interface and IPv4-compatible interoperability are not installed or modified.
-M (Debug) Do not modify existing IPv6 multicast routes.
-O (Debug) Do not configure the loopback interface.
-R (Debug) Do not install a default IPv6 route.
-c Old compatibility flag for those who have bad LL addresses.
-v Verbose output. The program displays what it is doing and/or what it is failing.
interface_name Specifies the names of the interfaces that should be configured. This is used with the -i flag. If the -i flag is given and no interface_names are specified, no interfaces are configured. If an interface_name is given and the -i flag is not specified, a usage message is displayed.


Messages indicate the different actions done and/or problems encountered by autoconf6.

Related Information

The ifconfig command, ndpd-host command, ndpd-router command, and route command.

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