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Commands Reference, Volume 1

cxref Command


Creates a C and C++ program cross-reference listing.


cxref-c ] [  -o File ] [  -qOption ] [  -s ] [  -t ] [  -w Number ] [ [  -D Name =Definition ] ] [  -I Directory ] [  -U Name ] ] ... [  -NdNumber ] [  -NlNumber ] [  -NnNumber ] [  -NtNumber ] File ...


The cxref command analyzes C and C++ program Files and creates a cross-reference table, using the cpp command to include #define directives in its symbol table. It writes to standard output a listing of all symbols in each file processed, either separately or in combination (see the -c flag). The formal parameters in a function definition are always listed; but if a function is only prototyped and not defined, the parameters are not listed. When a reference to a symbol is that symbol's declaration, an * (asterisk) precedes it.


-c Displays a combined listing of the cross-references in all input files.
-o File Directs the output to the specified File.
-s Does not display the input file names.
-t Makes the listing 80 columns wide.
-w Number Makes the listing Number columns wide, where Number is a decimal integer greater than or equal to 51. If Number is less than 51, the listing will be 80 columns wide.
-NdNumber Changes the dimension table size to Number. The default is 2000.
-NlNumber Changes the number of type nodes to Number. The default is 8000.
-NnNumber Changes the symbol table size to Number. The default is 1500.
-NtNumber Changes the number of tree nodes to Number. The default is 1000.

In addition, the cxref command recognizes the following flags of the cpp command (macro preprocessor):

-D Name[=Definition] Defines Name as in a #define directive. The default definition is 1.
-I Directory Looks first in directory, then looks in the directories on the standard list for #include files with names that do not begin with a slash (/) (see the cpp command).
-U Name Removes any initial definition of Name, where Name is a reserved symbol predefined by the preprocessor.
-qOption Pass -qOption to the preprocessor. For example, -qmbcs sets multibyte mode specified by the current locale, and -qidirfirst modifies the search order for files included with the #include file_name directive.


To provide a combined cross-reference listing of stdin1.c and stdin2.c, making the output 80 columns wide, enter:
cxref -c -t stdin1.c stdin2.c > output


/usr/ccs/lib/xpass Special version of C compiler first-pass.
/usr/ccs/bin/cxref Contains the cxref command.

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The cpp command.

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