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Commands Reference, Volume 2

dtscript Command


Builds simple dialogs used in the X Window System environment.


dtscript [-xrm options] [-dir Path] [-file FileName] [-workspace WorkspaceName]

Note: The -xrm options must be specified, if used, before any other flag.


Desktop Script supports a subset of Motif widgets you drag and drop from the palette into your dialog. You can move or resize any widget in a dialog. You can also edit widget properties using the specialized editors provided.

You can enter callbacks to give widgets desired behavior. When a dialog is complete, Desktop Script generates dtksh code for it.


-dir Path Sets Desktop Script's current directory shown in the File Select dialog to Path.
-file FileName Loads an existing dialog called: FileName. The FileName argument can be an absolute path name, a path name relative to the current directory, or a path name relative to the -dir value.
-workspace WorkspaceName Loads Desktop Script into the corresponding CDE workspace.
-xrm options Enables you to enter any of the specifications (options) that you would otherwise put into a resource file.


To invoke the Desktop Script from a window, enter:



/usr/dt/bin/dtscript Contains the dtscript command.

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