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Commands Reference, Volume 3

lpmove Command

Note: This is a System V Print Subsystem command.


Moves print requests.


lpmove Requests Destination

lpmove Destination1 Destination2


The lpmove command moves requests that were queued by lp between LP destinations. This command moves a specific Request to the specified Destination. Requests are request-IDs returned by lp. You can also attempt to move all requests for Destination1 to Destination2. This form of the lpmove command causes lp to reject any new requests for Destination1.

Note: When moving requests, lpmove never checks the acceptance status (see accept) of the new destination. Also, the request-IDs of the moved requests are not changed, so you can still find their requests. The lpmove command does not move requests that have options (such as content type and form required) that cannot be handled by the new destination.

If a request was originally queued for a class or the special destination any and the first form of lpmove was used, the destination of the request is changed to New-Ddestination. A request thus affected is printable only on New-Destination and not on other members of the class or other acceptable printers if the original destination was any.



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