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Commands Reference, Volume 3

mkodmextract Command


Reads each stanza from the input stanza file and writes an odmdelete command, with appropriate parameters, to standard output.


mkodmextract -d ObjectClassDB -f StanzaFile


The mkodmextract command is invoked by the mkodmupdt command in the 4.1 build environment. For each stanza in the input stanza file, it reads the object classdatabase file, extracts the keys associated with the object descriptor, and writes an odmdelete command with appropriate parameters to standard output. The command also verifies the object class, keys, and fields from the stanza file.


-d ObjectClassDB Specifies the database file containing object class descriptors, keys, and fields.
-f StanzaFile Specifies the stanza file that is being processed, for example .add.

Note: Both flags are required.

Fatal Errors

If a fatal error is detected, processing is terminated and mkodmextract exits with a non-zero return code. Possible errors include:

Input Files

object description (.add) file This file contains one or more object class definitions in stanza format. The format of a stanza is:

key = value
attribute = value
object class database file This is the internal database file the mkodmupdt command uses to verify the object classes from the stanza files and generate the appropriate odm commands for the output odm scripts. This database file contains one entry for each object class where the entries are described as follows:

object class:List of keys:list of fields including keys

The list of keys is separated by %. The keys are the set of fields whose combination of values can uniquely identify a stanza. The list of fields is comma separated.


To indicate that an object class is not updatable, use the following syntax in the object class database file:


Output Files

The mkodmextract command writes the odmdelete commands to stdout. The mkodmupdt command redirects the output of mkodmextract into the option*.odmdel and the option*.unodmadd scripts.

Related Information

The mkodmupdt command, odmdelete command.

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