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Commands Reference, Volume 3

mkseckrb5 Command


Migrates existing operating system users to Kerberos.


mkseckrb5 [ -h | -r ]


This command gets the list of user names and creates Kerberos users. If the -r flag is not specified, the command prompts for a new password for each user.

Standard Output Consists of information messages when the -h flag is used.
Standard Error Consists of error messages when the command cannot complete successfully.


-h Specifies that the command is only to display the valid command syntax.
-r Specifies that random passwords are to be used.

Exit Status

Failure of this command to execute successfully results in incomplete migration. The admin must check the Kerberos database for the users that were migrated before taking further action.

0 Indicates the successful completion of the command.
1 Indicates that an error occurred.


Only the root user is authorized to use this command.


  1. To display the command syntax, type:

    mkseckrb5 -h
  2. To migrate existing users to Kerberos users, type:

  3. To migrate user trojan to Kerberos user with random passwd, type:

    mkseckrb5 -r trojan


/usr/sbin/mkseckrb5 Contains the mkseckrb5 command.

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