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Commands Reference, Volume 4

netlsd Daemon


Starts the license server.


netlsd-no EventList -o -v -z -l LogName ]


The netlsd command starts a license server on the local node. There is no graphical interface for this command.


-l LogName (Lowercase L) Overrides the default name and location of the file used to store log information. This allows the I/O activity to the files used by the license server to be spread across multiple disks which can be important for large installations.
-no Turns off logging of the events specified in EventList. Any combination of events is valid, but items in the list of events must not be separated by spaces or other characters. The event types that you can specify are the following:

License check-in events. Licensed products usually check in with the license server at regular intervals while you are using the product.

Error events.

License-grant and license-release events.

Message events.

Product events: a product was added, renamed, or deleted.

License server start/stop events.

License timeout events. When a licensed product fails to check in with the license server, it may stop running after it "times out." The vendor of the product sets the timeout interval, which is how long a product may run after it has lost contact with the license server.

Vendor events: a vendor was added, renamed, or deleted.

Waiting events. These include:

wait events
You are waiting for a license.

wait-grant events
You are waiting for and then are granted a license.

wait-remove events
You are waiting for a license and then asked to be removed from the queues before a license was granted.

-o Overrides the in-use flag at a license server database. While a license server is running, its database is flagged as being in use to prevent more than one server from running on the same node. When a license server stops running, the flag is reset. However, if a license server exits abnormally, the flag may not be reset, which prevents the server from restarting. This option overrides the in-use flag and allows the server to be restarted. Do not use -o unless you are sure the license server is not running.
-v NetLS library verbose mode.
-z Debugging flag. (Prints RPC debugging information.)


  1. To start a license server; do not log check-in, vendor, product, timeout, or message events, enter:

    netlsd -no cvptm
  2. To start a license server, overriding the in-use flag, enter:

    netlsd -o
  3. To start a license server, overriding the default log file, enter:

    netlsd -l /logs/license_server_log


lic_db Contains vendor, product and license details. (Encrypted binary file)
lic_db.bak Backup of lic_db. Used for recovery. (Encrypted binary file)
cur_db Run-time cache of current license status. (Encrypted binary file)
log_file Log of license server events. (Binary file)
user_file List of users who may and may not obtain licenses. (ASCII file)

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