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Commands Reference, Volume 4

nisln Command


Creates symbolic links between NIS+ objects and table entries.


nisln [ [ -L] [ -D] [source] [target] ]


The nisln command links objects to objects, or links objects to table entries. All NIS+ administration commands accept the -L flag, which directs them to follow links between NIS+ objects.

To create a link to another object or entry, you must have modify rights to the source object; that is, the one that will point to the other object or entry.

  1. A link cannot be created if it originates with a table entry.
  2. Never link a cred table. Each org_dir directory should have its own cred table. Do not use a link to some other org_dir cred table.


-L Follows link. If the source is itself a link, the new link will not be linked to it, but to that link's original source.
-D Specifies a different set of defaults for the linked object. Defaults are described in Specifying Nondefault Security Values at Creation Time.


To create a link between objects, specify both object names: first the source, and then the target. To create links between objects and entries use indexed names.

nisln source-object target-object
nisln [column=value,...],tablename target-object

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