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Commands Reference, Volume 4

nisrm Command


Removes NIS+ objects from the namespace.


nisrm-i ] [  -f ] Obj_name...


The nisrm command removes NIS+ objects from the NIS+ namespace. The nisrm command fails if the NIS+ master server is not running.

Notes: nisrm does not remove directories (see the nisrmdir command) nor non-empty tables (see the nistbladm command).

-i Sets the nisrm command in interactive mode. With the -i flag the nisrm command asks for confirmation before removing the specified object. If the object's name is not fully qualified then the -i flag is forced, preventing the unintended removal of another object.
-f Sets the nisrm command in force mode. If nisrm fails because you do not have the necessary permissions, nischmod is invoked and the removal is attempted again. If nisrm fails, it does not return an error message.


  1. To remove the objects xyz, abc, and def from the namespace, enter:

    nisrm xyz abc def


NIS_PATH With this variable set, if the NIS+ object name is not fully qualified, nisrm searches each directory indicated until the object is found.

Exit Status

0 Successful completion.
1 An error occurred.

Related Information

The nischmod command, nisdefaults command, nisrmdir command, nistbladm command, and the rm command.

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