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Commands Reference, Volume 6

wlmcheck command


Check automatic assignment rules and/or determines the class a process with a specified set of attributes would be classified in.


wlmcheck [ -d Config] [ -a Attributes ] [ -q ]


The wlmcheck command with no arguments, gives the status of Workload Management (WLM) and makes some coherency checks:

If the -d Config flag is not specified, the checks are performed on the configuration loaded into the kernel at this time. If WLM is not active, an error message displays.

Specifying a configuration with -d Config performs the checks on configuration files. The configuration files for the active configuration are checked using -d current

With the -a flag, wlmcheck displays the class the process would be assigned to according to the set of assignment rules of the specified configuration.

The attributes are specified as a string similar to the format used in the assignment rules (rules) file, a single string with several space-separated attributes and should be enclosed in quotes. The fields are the same and appear in the same order than in the rules file: reserved, user name, group name, application path name, process type, application tag (see the description of the rules file in the AIX 5L Version 5.1 Files Reference for details). The difference is that unlike in the assignment rules:

In addition, the first 2 fields are mandatory. The other fields, if not present default to a hyphen (-) which mean that any value in the corresponding field of an assignment rule is a match. When one or more of the fields in the attribute string are either not present or specified as a hyphen (-), the string is likely to match more than one rule. In this case, wlmcheck displays all the classes corresponding to all the possible matches.

Example of valid attribute strings:

$ wlmcheck -a "- root system /usr/lib/frame/framemaker - -"
$ wlmcheck -a "- - staff - 32bit+fixed"
$ wlmcheck -a "- bob"

By default, wlmcheck outputs the contents of the status files for the last activation or update of WLM.


-d Config Uses the WLM property files in /etc/wlm/config instead of the values currently loaded into the kernel (active configuration).
-a Attributes Passes a set of values for the classification attributes of the process in order to determine which class the process would be put into. This is a way to check that the assignment rules are correct and classify processes as expected.
-q Suppresses the output of the status of the latest activation/update of WLM (quiet).


classes Contains the names and definitions of the classes.
limits Contains the resource limits enforced on the classes.
rules Contains the automatic assignment rules.
shares Contains the resource shares allocated to the classes.

Related Information

The chclass command, lsclass command, mkclass command, rmclass command.

The rules file.

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