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Commands Reference, Volume 6

xmbind Command


Configures virtual key bindings.


xmbind-display Host:Display:ScreenID ] [ FileName ]


The xmbind command is an X Windows System client that configures the virtual key bindings for AIXwindows applications. This action is performed by the mwm command at its startup, so the xmbind client is only needed when mwm is not in use or when you want to change bindings without restarting mwm. If a file is specified, its contents are used as the virtual key bindings. If a file is not specified, the .motifbind file in the user's home directory is used. If this file is not found, the xmbind command loads the default virtual key bindings.


-display Host:Display:ScreenID
                          Specifies the display to use. The -display option has the following parameters:

Specifies the host name of a valid system on the network. Depending on the situation, this could be the host name of the user or the host name of a remote system.

Specifies the number (usually 0) of the display on the system on which the output is to be displayed.

Specifies the number of the screen where the output is to be displayed. This number is 0 for single-screen systems.


FileName Specifies the file containing bindings for virtual mouse and key events.

Exit Status

This command returns the following exit values:

0 Indicates successful completion.
>0 Indicates an error occurred.

Related Information

The X command.

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