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Commands Reference, Volume 6

xnim Command


Starts the Network Installation Management (NIM) graphical user interface. This command only applies to AIX 4.2.1 or later.


xnim-machines -networks -resources ]


The xnim command starts the Network Installation Management (NIM) graphical user interface (GUI). The NIM GUI enables you to centrally manage the installation and maintenance of the Base Operating System (BOS) and optionally software on machines within a networked environment. It also helps you to manage the initialization of diskless and dataless machines within the NIM environment. You can launch other windows from the initial NIM application window that allows you to define and manipulate machines, resources, and networks .

The NIM GUI also allows you to define custom tasks to represent operations that are performed frequently. You can perform the operations by dragging and dropping the custom tasks onto the targets. This eliminates providing the same input each time a common task is performed because the resources and options for the operation were specified when the custom task was created. In addition, machine and resource states are reflected in icons and status messages provided in the application information area that help provide a better visual view of the NIM environment. This reduces the need to use the lsnim command for status checking. For example, the NIM GUI provides progress indication for each machine during BOS installs by placing the percentage complete for the BOS installation below the target icon. Also, installation status messages for each client are provided in the information area.

The first time the NIM graphical user interface is started, it will invoke SMIT's Configure a Basic NIM Environment (Easy Startup) from AIX 4.2 if the NIM master is not configured. This allows you to define the basic elements needed for performing network installation operations.

In AIX 4.2.1, the xinstallm application allows you to install from a network device providing a graphical user interface for clients in a NIM environment.


-machines Starts the NIM GUI to define and manipulate NIM machines and groups. You can also perform diag_boot, maint_boot, reset, and reboot operations on a machine or machine group.
-networks Starts the NIM GUI to define and manipulate NIM networks and routes. It also provides a utility to display all of the machines defined on a particular network.
-resources Starts the NIM GUI to define and manipulate NIM resources. You can also perform check and showres operations on NIM resources using this application.


Access Control: You must have root authority to run the xnim command.

Related Information

The xinstallm command.

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