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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

pm_error Subroutine


Decodes Performance Monitor APIs error codes.


Performance Monitor APIs Library (libpmapi.a)


#include <pmapi.h>

void pm_error ( *Where, errorcode)
char *Where;
int errorcode;


The pm_error subroutine writes a message on the standard error output that describes the parameter errorcode encountered by a Performance Monitor API library subroutine. The error message includes the Where parameter string followed by a : (colon), a space character, the message, and a new-line character. The Where parameter string includes the name of the program that caused the error.


*Where Specifies where the error was encountered.
errorcode Specifies the error code as returned by one of the Performance Monitor APIs library subroutines.


/usr/include/pmapi.h Defines standard macros, data types, and subroutines.

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Performance Monitor API Programming Concepts in AIX 5L Version 5.1 General Programming Concepts.

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