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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

pthdb_rwlockattr_addr, or pthdb_rwlockattr_pshared Subroutine


Gets the rwlock attribute pshared values.


pthread debug library (libpthdebug.a)


#include <sys/pthdebug.h>

int pthdb_rwlockattr_addr (pthdb_session_t session,
pthdb_rwlockattr_t rwlockattr,
pthdb_addr_t * addrp)

int pthdb_rwlockattr_pshared (pthdb_session_t session,
pthdb_rwlockattr_t rwlockattr,
pthdb_pshared_t * psharedp)


pthdb_rwlockattr_addr reports the address of the pthread_rwlockattr_t.

pthdb_rwlockattr_pshared is used to get the rwlock attribute process shared value. The pshared value can be PSH_SHARED, PSH_PRIVATE, or PSH_NOTSUP.


addr Read/Write lock attribute address.
psharedp Pointer to the pshared value.
rwlockattr Read/Write lock attribute handle
session Session handle.

Return Values

If successful, these functions return PTHDB_SUCCESS. Otherwise, an error code is returned.

Error Codes

PTHDB_BAD_RWLOCKATTR Invalid rwlock attribute handle.
PTHDB_BAD_SESSION Invalid session handle.
PTHDB_CALLBACK Debugger call back error.
PTHDB_INTERNAL Error in library.
PTHDB_POINTER Invalid pointer

Implementation Specifics

These subroutines are part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The pthdebug.h file.

The pthread.h file.

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