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Commands Reference, Volume 1

cfgif Method


Configures or activates one or all network interface (IF) instance(s) defined in the system configuration database.


cfgif-l InterfaceInstance ]


The cfgif method configures or activates one or all IF instance(s) of TCP/IP defined in the system configuration database. The cfgif method performs the following steps:

  1. Retrieves the attributes associated with the Interface Program from the customized database. The attributes may include network address, network mask, security level and other related information.
  2. Invokes the ifconfig command to load the IF instance using the customized attributes. The ifconfig command will load the appropriate interface program if it has not already been loaded.
  3. Calls the ifconfig command to attach a routine to establish a path between the interface instance and the adapter.
  4. Sets the status of a particular IF instance to "AVAILABLE" in the customized database. All the IF instances are set to "DEFINED" at system reboot. When the cfgif method is invoked during boot time or from the command line, the IF instance(s) are then made available.


-l InterfaceInstance Specifies the interface instance to configure. If the instance name is specified, only that Interface instance is configured. If this flag is not used, all Interface instances in the defined state are configured.
-2 Indicates that ifconfig will be invoked from the second phase of IPL so that a hex value will be shown on the front panel display. This flag should not be used during runtime.


  1. To configure a particular token-ring IF instance, enter the following command. Note that tr0 is the logical name for the token-ring IF instance. It should be defined using the defif method.

    cfgif -l tr0 
  2. To configure all IF instances, use the following command:


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