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Commands Reference, Volume 1

cfginet Method


Loads and configures an Internet instance and its associated IF instances.


cfginet-2 ]


The cfginet method loads and configures an instance of TCP/IP (an Internet instance) by performing the following steps:

  1. Loads the protocol code.
  2. Initializes entries in the Address Family Domain switch table and in the Network Input switch table.
  3. Sets the status flag of the Internet instance to AVAILABLE.
  4. Invokes the hostname command and the route command to set the hostname and static routes. The hostname and routing data are retrieved from the configuration database.

    Note: The cfginet method is a programming tool and should not be executed from the command line.


-2 Specifies the second phase of IPL device configuration. A predetermined hex value will be displayed on the front panel. This option should not be used during regular run-time operation.


To configure an Internet instance on a host, enter the method in the following format:


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