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Commands Reference, Volume 2

hty_load Command


Displays or downloads Network Terminal Accelerator (NTX) adapter configurations.


hty_load [ -d Device ] [ -f ConfigFileName ]


The hty_load command displays or downloads adapter configurations. If you issue this command without any flags, the system displays the current adapter configuration for the /dev/rhp0 device file. Given a Device parameter, the hty_load command loads a configuration file into the tty driver. The tty driver uses the file to configure both the host presentation services (HPS) and the adapters.

Typically, the hty_load command is invoked from the /etc/rc.ntx file. For more information about adapter configurations, see AIX 5L Version 5.1 Asynchronous Communications Guide.

The Configuration File

The hty_load command uses a single configuration file to configure the adapters. Each entry is on a separate line. Entries are separated by new-line characters. Fields in an entry are separated by tabs or space characters. Entries in the configuration file have the following fields.:

MinorNumber Cluster NumberOfPorts

These fields have the following values:

MinorNumber Specifies the board's minor device number.
Cluster This field is always 1.

NumberOfPorts Specifies the number of hty devices. The number depends on the model of adapter you are using. The number of available channels is from 1 to 256 for a 2MB board or from 1 to 2048 for an 8MB board.

The configuration file also supports comments. Comment lines begin with a # (pound sign). Everything to the right of the comment character is ignored. Comment lines end with new-line characters.


-d Device Specifies the raw device file name of the adapter. Use this option to override the default device name /dev/rhp0.
-f ConfigFileName Specifies the driver configuration file name. The default configuration file is the /etc/hty_config file.

Exit Status

This command returns the following exit values:

0 Successful completion.
>0 An error occurred.


Access Control: You must have root authority to run this command.

Auditing Events: N/A


To load the system configuration and use the default driver configuration file, enter:

hty_load -d /dev/rhp0


/usr/bin/hty_load Contains the hty_load command.
/etc/rc.ntx Invokes the hty_load command.
/etc/hty_config Default NTX driver configuration file name.
/dev/rhp0 Default NTX raw device file name.

Related Information

The /dev/rhp file.

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