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hty_config File Format


Specifies the number of htys to configure on a Network Terminal Accelerator adapter.


The /etc/hty_config file supplies the hty_load command with information to define ports for a specified device. The System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) writes to this file when hty devices are configured, specifying the device by supplying the adapter minor number for the device. Both the number of ports and the device are specified in a three-column table that can have multiple lines.

The Cluster Address column defines the cluster controller's network address. For the boards, the cluster address should be set to 1. Any other value may cause unpredictable results.

After you have configured the Network Terminal Accelerator adapter with SMIT, the hty_config file appears similar to the following:

Adapter       Cluster         Number
minor #       address         of ports
-------       -------         --------
0               1               256
1               1               700
2               1               85

In this example, the host has three adapters, the first of which is configured for 256 hty devices, the second for 700, and the third for 85.

See "Configuring the Network Terminal Accelerator," in AIX 5L Version 5.1 Asynchronous Communications Guide for more information on configuring the adapter.

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