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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

elf32_getshdr, elf64_getshdr Subroutine


Retrieve class-dependent section header


cc [flag...] file... -lelf [library]...
#include <libelf.h>


Elf32_Shdr *elf32_getshdr(elf_Scn * scn);
Elf64_Shdr *elf64_getshdr(Elf * elf);


For a 32-bit class file, elf32_getshdr returns a pointer to a section header for the section descriptor scn. Otherwise, the file is not a 32-bit class file, scn was null, or an error occurred; elf32_getshdr then returns NULL.

The header includes the following members:

   	Elf32_Word	sh_name;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_type;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_flags;
   	Elf32_Addr	sh_addr;
   	Elf32_Off	sh_offset;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_size;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_link;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_info;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_addralign;
   	Elf32_Word	sh_entsize;

elf64_getshdr provides the same functionality for 64-bit class files using the section descriptor elf. The header includes the following members:

   	Elf64_Word	sh_name;
   	Elf64_Word	sh_type;
   	Elf64_Word	sh_flags;
   	Elf64_Addr	sh_addr;
   	Elf64_Off	sh_offset;
   	Elf64_Xword	sh_size;
   	Elf64_Word	sh_link;
   	Elf64_Word	sh_info;
   	Elf64_Xword	sh_addralign;
   	Elf64_Xword	sh_entsize;

If the program is building a new file, it is responsible for creating the file's ELF header before creating sections.

Related Information

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Introduction to ELF Subroutines.

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