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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions, Volume 1

elf_strptr Subroutine


Make a string pointer


cc [flag...] file... -lelf [library]...
#include <libelf.h>


char *elf_strptr(Elf * elf, size_t section, size_t offset);


This function converts a string section offset to a string pointer. elf identifies the file in which the string section resides, and section gives the section table index for the strings. elf_strptr normally returns a pointer to a string, but it returns a null pointer when elf is null, section is invalid or is not a section of type SHT_STRTAB, the section data cannot be obtained, offset is invalid, or an error occurs.

A program can call elf_getdata to retrieve an entire string table section. For some applications, that would be both more efficient and more convenient than using elf_strptr.


A prototype for retrieving section names appears below. The file header specifies the section name string table in the e_shstrndx member. The following code loops through the sections, printing their names.

   if ((ehdr = elf32_getehdr(elf)) == 0)
   	/* handle the error */
   ndx = ehdr->e_shstrndx;
   scn = 0;
   while ((scn = elf_nextscn(elf, scn)) != 0)
   	char	*name = 0;
   	if ((shdr = elf32_getshdr(scn)) != 0)
   	  name = elf_strptr(elf, ndx, (size_t)shdr->sh_name);
   	printf("'%s'\n", name? name: "(null)");

Related Information

The elf_getdata (elf_getdata, elf_newdata, elf_rawdata Subroutine) subroutine, elf32_getshdr (elf32_getshdr, elf64_getshdr Subroutine) subroutine.

Introduction to ELF Subroutines.

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