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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions , Volume 2

wlm_load Subroutine


Loads a Workload Manager (WLM) configuration into the kernel.


Workload Manager Library (libwlm.a)


#include <sys/wlm.h>

int wlm_load ( wlmargs)

struct wlm_args *wlmargs;


The wlm_load subroutine loads into the kernel the property files for the WLM configuration passed in the confdir field of the wlmargs structure. If no superclass name is given in the name field of the class_definition substructure, the routine loads the class properties for all the superclasses of the target configuration. If a superclass name is given, then only the subclasses of the given superclass are refreshed. Flags passed in the flags portion of the versflags field can be used to modify the mode of operation of WLM. The values are identical to the flags values passed to the wlm_set API routine. Not all combinations of parameters are allowed, and different combinations may require a different level of privilege as explained below:


wlmargs Specifies the address of the struct wlm_args data structure containing the class_definition structure for the new class to be created.

The following fields of the wlm_args structure and the embedded substructures can be provided:

versflags Needs to be initialized with WLM_VERSION. Optionally, some of the flags used when calling wlm_set to change the mode of operation of WLM can be given by the root user. The valid values are WLM_ACTIVE, WLM_PASSIVE, and WLM_BIND_RSETS. Of course, WLM_ACTIVE and WLM_PASSIVE are mutually exclusive.
confdir Specifies the name of the WLM configuration to be loaded into the kernel. It must be either the name of a valid subdirectory of /etc/wlm or the string current to refer to the active configuration.
name Specifies the name of a superclass. This is used to refresh only the subclasses of a given superclass.

Return Values

Upon successful completion, the wlm_load subroutine returns a value of 0. If the wlm_load subroutine is unsuccessful, a non-0 value is returned.

Error Codes

For a list of the possible error codes returned by the WLM API functions, see the description of the wlm.h header file.

Related Information

The wlmcntrl command.

The wlm_set (wlm_set Subroutine) subroutine.

The wlm.h header file.

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