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Technical Reference: Base Operating System and Extensions , Volume 2

wlm_read_classes Subroutine


Reads the characteristics of superclasses or subclasses.


Workload Manager Library (libwlm.a)


#include <sys/wlm.h>

int wlm_read_classes ( wlmargs, class_tbl, nclass)

struct wlm_args *wlmargs;

struct class_definition *class_tbl

int *nclass


The wlm_read_classes subroutine is used to get the characteristics of the superclasses or the subclasses of a given subclass of a Workload Manager (WLM) configuration.

This operation does not require any special privileges and is accessible to all users.


wlmargs Specifies the address of a struct wlm_args data structure.

The following fields of the wlm_args structure and the embedded substructures need to be provided:

Needs to be initialized with WLM_VERSION.

Specifies the name of a WLM configuration. It must be either the name of a valid subdirectory of /etc/wlm or a null string (starting with '\0').

Specifies the name of a superclass existing in the specified configuration or a null string.

All the other fields can be left uninitialized.

class_tbl Specifies the address of an array of structures of type struct class_definition. Upon successful return from wlm_read_classes, this array contains the characteristics of the classes read.
nclass Specifies the address of an integer containing the maximum number of element (class definitions) for wlm_read_classes to copy into the array above. If the call to wlm_read_classes is successful, this integer contains the number of elements actually copied.

Return Values

Upon successful completion, the wlm_read_classes subroutine returns a value of 0. If the wlm_read_classes subroutine is unsuccessful, a non-0 value is returned.

Error Codes

For a list of the possible error codes returned by the WLM API functions, see the description of the wlm.h header file.

Related Information

The lsclass command.

The wlm.h header file.

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