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Communications Programming Concepts

List of NIS and NIS+ Programming References

The list of Network Information Service (NIS and NIS+) references includes:

See List of NIS Commands in AIX 5L Version 5.1 Network Information Services (NIS and NIS+) Guide for information about NIS commands and daemons.


yp_all Transfers all of the key-value pairs from the NIS server to the client as the entire map.
yp_bind Calls the ypbind daemon directly for processes that use backup strategies when NIS is not available.
yp_first Returns the first key-value pair from the named NIS map in the named domain.
yp_get_default_domain Gets the default domain of the node.
yp_master Returns the machine name of the NIS master server for a map.
yp_match Searches for the value associated with a key.
yp_next Returns each subsequent value it finds in the named NIS map until it reaches the end of the list.
yp_order Returns the order number for an NIS map that identifies when the map was built.
yp_unbind Manages socket descriptors for processes that access multiple domains.
yp_update Makes changes to the NIS map.
yperr_string Returns a pointer to an error message string.
ypprot_err Takes an NIS protocol error code as input and returns an error code to be used as input to a yperr_string subroutine.


ethers Lists Ethernet addresses of hosts on the network.
netgroup Lists the groups of users on the network.
netmasks Lists network masks used to implement Internet Protocol standard subnetting.
publickey Stores public or secret keys from NIS maps.
updaters Contains a makefile for updating NIS maps.
xtab Lists directories that are currently exported.

NIS+ Commands

Command Description
nisaddcred Creates credentials for NIS+ principals and stores them in the cred table.
nisaddent Adds information from /etc files or NIS maps into NIS+ tables.
niscat Displays the contents of NIS+ tables.
nischgrp Changes the group owner of an NIS+ object.
nischmod Changes an object's access rights.
nischown Changes the owner of an NIS+ object.
nischttl Changes an NIS+ object's time-to-live value.
nisdefaults Lists an NIS+ object's default values: domain name, group name, workstation name, NIS+ principal name, access rights, directory search path, and time-to-live.
nisgrep Searches for entries in an NIS+ table.
nisgrpadm Creates or destroys an NIS+ group, or displays a list of its members. Also adds members to a group, removes them, or tests them for membership in the group.
nisinit Initializes an NIS+ client or server.
nisln Creates a symbolic link between two NIS+ objects.
nisls Lists the contents of an NIS+ directory.
nismatch Searches for entries in an NIS+ table.
nismkdir Creates an NIS+ directory and specifies its master and replica servers.
nismkuser Creates an NIS+ user.
nispasswd Not supported in AIX. Use the passwd command.
nisrm Removes NIS+ objects (except directories) from the namespace.
nisrmdir Removes NIS+ directories and replicas from the namespace.
nisrmuser Removes an NIS+ user.
nissetup Creates org_dir and groups_dir directories and a complete set of (unpopulated) NIS+ tables for an NIS+ domain.
nisshowcache Lists the contents of the NIS+ shared cache maintained by the NIS+ cache manager.
nistbladm Creates or deletes NIS+ tables, and adds, modifies or deletes entries in an NIS+ table.
nisupdkeys Updates the public keys stored in an NIS+ object.
passwd Changes password information stored in the NIS+ passwd table.

NIS+ Tables

Table Information in the Table
hosts Network address and host name of every workstation in the domain
bootparams Location of the root, swap, and dump partition of every diskless client in the domain
passwd Password information about every user in the domain.
cred Credentials for principals who belong to the domain
group The group name, group password, group ID, and members of every UNIX group in the domain
netgroup The netgroups to which workstations and users in the domain may belong
mail_aliases Information about the mail aliases of users in the domain
timezone The time zone of every workstation in the domain
networks The networks in the domain and their canonical names
netmasks The networks in the domain and their associated netmasks
ethers The Ethernet address of every workstation in the domain
services The names of IP services used in the domain and their port numbers
protocols The list of IP protocols used in the domain
RPC The RPC program numbers for RPC services available in the domain
auto_home The location of all user's home directories in the domain
auto_master Automounter map information
sendmailvars The mail domain
client_info Information about NIS+ clients


The NIS+ application program interface (API) functions include:

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